09 April 2009

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: Zeus

If you tried the Fedora 11 Beta or played with Rawhide, surely noticed a landscape image with a "Greek" theme: a temple of Zeus, mountains, sky, birds... You may liked or hated it, is already unimportant, the theme will be replaced before the upcoming development freeze (so any time now) with something completely different, about a lion.

The change is happening for a number of reasons developed after the inclusion, among which are NOT the reactions about the use of temples and "worshipping paganism", so I give today a taste of Zeus goodness (fear his thunders if you are unbelievers):

[fedora webcomic: zeus]


  1. hahah, yeah, that's funny! :D

  2. Just about as funny as a wooden shoe... :|

  3. Are you going to make any references to other distributions? (sorry, just seems a lot of jokes are Fedora/Ubuntu centred)

  4. @Anonymous: are there any other distros that matter? :D