09 May 2012

LGM 2012 + Linuxwochen Vienna: photo dump

As after any conference I take part of, also for Libre Graphics Meeting and Linuxwochen in Vienna I put my pictures in a quick and simple gallery, so anyone who want to use them is able to do it freely. This time there is not a lot of pictures (I get picky and picky in time before pressing the shutter), but at least I didn't forget to say about the CC-BY-SA in the page footer, so people don't have to ask for permission.


I also spent some time in the city and took some photos of the architecture, streets, people, gardens, life and so on:


I am a kid inside, so when going to Vienna I can't miss the Prater amusement park, which is a lot of fun and a place to take nice pictures.


Next, I think I will made a few wallpapers based on Vienna photos.


  1. Let's make the pictures of Vienna the default wallpapers for the next dozen Fedora releases! ;-)

    1. actually i am quite proud of some of them, especially those from the Prater amusement park (and the night makes them blue enough)