09 September 2014

Wallpapers: sunsets over the city

Now, when the summer is over, I look back and notice quite a lot of summer-ish pictures which people may want to use as desktop wallpapers. Damn! my last post in the free wallpaper series was in the winter! My backlog of picture is considerable, so there may be 3-4 more similar posts to follow if I feel there is interest.

city sunset wallpaper
city sunset wallpaper
city sunset wallpaper


  1. Nice Nicu, What do you use to edit?

    1. here i used GIMP, that's because I am more familiar with it, darktable would be equally good. the idea is to get the image from the camera as good as possible, and then you need only minor tweaks (the shooting was not important enough to make RAWs, so it was shoot in JPEG, otherwise UFRaw would have been involved too)