03 October 2012

Hipsterize your photos with a IPhone 5-like purple haze

The web is stormed by a wave of purple hazed photos, poised to quickly become the hip trend. Not having any defectiveiPhone 5 camera nearby, I will try to make somehow my photos cooler, having only some pictures and an installation of GIMP on my old Fedora desktop.

What I need is a picture with a bit of back light, the light may come from the sun, from a window or even from a lamp, the important part it seems it have to be opposed to my camera. Open that picture with The GIMP.


Then some additional lens flare has to be put into place (my picture had a bit of lens flare, the lens hood on my ultra-wide lens is... not perfect), I use for that the Supernova filter: Filters > Light and Shadow > Supernova


A few parameters have to be adjusted


Change the color to a light pink/purple, move the center of nova in the desired place, increase the radius (64 for me) and decrease the number of spokes (12 for me)


Apply the filter and feel superior.


On a second thought, I could have applied the filter on a new empty layer and have the optional advantage of adjusting the effect strength with the layer opacity, but I am too lazy to re-take the screenshots, it was close enough and my photo is already tremendously better. Yours can be to.


  1. Thanks for sharing this -- I love it! I created a script which scans through my whole iPhoto library and adjusts all the photos with right parameters to having them look better as shown in your tutorial above.

    1. to that with only half of them, the rest can get a host of various Instagram-like filters