30 September 2003

the endless saga of Yahoo and Gaim: is working again!

in other news: tomorrow we will launch OpenOffice.org 1.1.0

29 September 2003

Q: We've been getting hit with a lot of viruses and worms lately. What's your idea for ending the attacks?

A: When you have people who hook up these machines that weren't designed for the Internet, and they don't even want to know about all the intricacies of network security, what can you expect? We get what we have now: a system that can be brought down by a teenager with too much time on his hands. Should we blame the teenager? Sure, we can point the finger at him and say, ''Bad boy!'' and slap him for it. Will that actually fix anything? No. The next geeky kid frustrated about not getting a date on Saturday night will come along and do the same thing without really understanding the consequences. So either we should make it a law that all geeks have dates -- I'd have supported such a law when I was a teenager -- or the blame is really on the companies who sell and install the systems that are quite that fragile.

(Interview with Linus in NYTimes, sorry with free registration)

26 September 2003

bull, yesterday yahoo changed the protocol for messenger to leave 3-rd party clients out, Gaim updated to work with it, but today yahoo changed the protocol again. i'm angry - i need to leave yahoo messenger behind, to bad so little people are using jabber

25 September 2003

today my Gaim is rejected by Yahoo Messenger servers. this movement was expected from some days, they warned about the need to update the clients, to their client, ofcourse, to receive all their advertisments. if there is no workaround the only solution will be Jabber
uptate: this great guy has provided rpm's for the 0.69 (wich works with YM) before Gaim itself. kudos

24 September 2003

we lost the fight against software patents - sorry, the news is brand new, don't have any other links at hand.
this is bad, but was expected. conclusion: not even in Europe small people can't win against greedy corporations

23 September 2003

the big fuss about RedHat was revealed: the former short-lived community project RHL has fusioned with fedora, bringing the new Fedora Project. wait and see
in other software news: a new release candidate for OpenOffice.org, RC5, is on the mirrors. for me, no difference from previous RC4. i suspect they delay the release waiting for StarOffice 7 (next month)

19 September 2003

our governement (romanian) is sold to Microsoft (sorry, the link is in romanian). basically they agreed to a "partnership" but ending in buying licenses - dancing with the devil in the pale moon light

18 September 2003

tested StarOffice7 evaluation edition. instead of review, i put some scrennshots. compared withOpenOffice.org 1.1 Release Candidate:
- some fonts included, but OOo has Bitstream Vera;
- clipart included - nice ones, for OOo see OOExtras;
- templates included, also OOExtras for OOo;
- icons are nicer, but not "to die for"

17 September 2003

ok, i have convinced the team and put the protest against Software Patents on OpenOffice.org Romanian Native Language Project. the text is translated from Dag Wieers.
i also updated the message from my website with this text.

Action Week against EU Software Patent Plans - more info here.
about software patents: swpat.fii.org.
example of protest: MPlayer

16 September 2003

figured out how to adjust the time on this blog, from now the time of posts in the real one, not somewhere in US

i have to play a little with animated gif's in GIMP, so bad that browsers don't support MNG

i read on OSNews about GNOME Office 1.0, but is still a bunch of apps not tied togheter. anyway, the release of AbiWord 2.0 is a good news, must find installers rh/win

15 September 2003

updated my website nicubunu.ro to link to this Blog. Hopefully it will be indexed soon by Google

is pretty hard to educate myself to post every day... perhaps i'm not very disciplinate.
first bad news today: OpenOffice.org will not release 1.1 soon, they want another Release Candidate, RC5

11 September 2003

this is a ugly, rainy day.
all people stress me about the soccer match lost yesterday with Denmark (Denmark-Romania 2-2).
this brainless Urs Meier referee trully slaughtered us. what is wrong with UEFA?

learned from /. that this is free now. ok, let's play with it