27 November 2008

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: Perfect 10

The tubes were filled, the release day came and was enjoyed, what is remaining? Install the thing and play with it (if you didn't to this id advance, at the PR, Beta or Alpha). And drool a low awaiting for the install to finish...

[fedora webcomic: perfect 10]

26 November 2008

Photos from the F10 release party

As announced, instead of staying online, digging stories and replying to mislead comments, a few Romanian fedorans and a few friends meet yesterday for what we called a "release party". And, as expected, the nasty photographer was with us, drinking all the beer...

f10 f10 f10 f10
f10 f10 f10 f10

More photos are available in our photo gallery.

24 November 2008

Romanian F10 party

[fedora 10] 25 November 2008, the Fedora 10 launch, a group of Romanian Fedora contributors will meet for a beer at La Berbecu, starting with 18:30. If you are in Bucharest and care about Fedora or just Linux or FOSS in general, come and join us!

More details on the forum

20 November 2008

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: On The Tubes

The final preparations are in place, everybody is gearing for the release, so the webcomic can't stay behind. Now back to filling those tubes...

fedora webcomic: tubes

19 November 2008


More than once after a photo shooting session I had the impulse to blog about how it went, the ups and downs, to echo my happiness or frustration. And usually I restrained myself from doing so, as I felt it will be useless noise in the various places places where it is aggregated - not a good thing to restrain yourself.

Of course I could use tags to filter the topics, but I don't want to be that restrictive and let from time to time some offtopic posts, so after some deliberation I decided to start a new blog, dedicated to photography (don't hurry up there, you won't find any upskirt photo), this way I can have a cleaner layout, a simpler navigation and a better URL.

With the launch of the new blog I did an important amount of preparation work: using scheduled post with a date in the past I populated the blog with photos from all those months since I have my current camera.

Of course I will still post photos here, but only when I think the subject is worthy. And, of course, the content on the new blog is also Free.

18 November 2008

Choo choo!

Don't blame me for the large "screenshot", Mo made me to install and run this :p

choo! choo!

13 November 2008

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: Final Freeze

As I told in an earlier post, I have ready the Christmas edition for the webcomic, which is somewhat a bad thing, since I may get new ideas in the meantime and so happened a few days ago. But is a spectacular turn of events, the secondary idea was voided, F8 will not be killed on that day, I can't make a webcomic about the guy finding a dead Fedora under his Christmas tree, I am back at something that will annoy our Ubuntu friends :p

[fedora webcomic: final freeze

12 November 2008

Keep Internet Explorer?

I never saw such a button on a website in the modern age (after the "e;Browser Wars") so I wonder who and why... get serious, "KEEP INTERNET EXPLORER"... someone still the worst browser on the face of the earth? What's this, a manifestation of the Stockholm syndrome?

keep internet explorer

Easy to understand why I obfuscated the URL, I don't want to drive any traffic to such a website, but it is in Romanian and the text say "This site is optimized for Internet Explorer. Vor visitors using Firefox, we recommend at least the version"

06 November 2008

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: Democracy and Dictature

Obviously the premise of today's cartoon is drawn from state politics and events, but that is not more than a pretext for telling a story about FOSS communities.

My main issue with the joke is its difficulty to translate, losing the cool "-trix" suffix (terminatrix, dominatrix) - I know why I hate translations...

[fedora webcomic: democracy and dictature]

05 November 2008

I learned a new word: Bokeh

While almost our entire community is celebrating Obama's victory, overshadowing the F10 Preview Release (anyone wonders why so few diggs for the announcement?) I decided to do my own offtopic post about the latest word I learned: Bokeh.

Stumbling over it in a comment to one of my photos, I did what I usually do when I see an unknown word: try a "define:" Google search (well, I do that when I am not going straight to Wikipedia). And Google did what it usually do: offered a list of description, including one from Wikipedia:

Bokeh (derived from Japanese boke ぼけ, a noun form of bokeru ぼける, "become blurred or fuzzy") is a photographic term referring to the appearance of out-of-focus areas in an image produced by a camera lens using a shallow depth of field.[1] Different lens bokeh produces different aesthetic qualities in out-of-focus backgrounds, which are often used to reduce distractions and emphasize the primary subject.

Summer Savory (cimbru)

This technique is most used on portraits and macro photography and as like a lot to do portraits and macro photography I used it a lot, but without knowing its proper name. Bokeh. Mmmmm...

04 November 2008

Counting down to Fedora 10

[fedora 10 in 21 days]Now with the F10 Preview Release in the wild, is the time to start counting down the days until final (you may noticed already the counter is running on fp.o).

This time we had a new contributor, Paolo Lenoni, creating the banner based on the Solar desktop theme, welcome Paolo!

And I think everybody got my message, there is a nifty code you can use to embed the counter in your own blog or website, go and copy/paste it.