13 November 2008

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: Final Freeze

As I told in an earlier post, I have ready the Christmas edition for the webcomic, which is somewhat a bad thing, since I may get new ideas in the meantime and so happened a few days ago. But is a spectacular turn of events, the secondary idea was voided, F8 will not be killed on that day, I can't make a webcomic about the guy finding a dead Fedora under his Christmas tree, I am back at something that will annoy our Ubuntu friends :p

[fedora webcomic: final freeze


  1. The thing that annoyed me most in this comic was that you apparently still have a chance to get a few sunny days. Not so much in the Netherlands :(

  2. Doode, tu chiar ai o problema cu Ubuntu...:))

  3. ...si reversul medaliei...:))

  4. @Cypress: daca aveam webcomicul acum vreo doi ani cind ne-am flamat despre mascota, as fi facut si eu unul in genul asta. Si poate as fi fost si mai acid.