04 November 2008

Counting down to Fedora 10

[fedora 10 in 21 days]Now with the F10 Preview Release in the wild, is the time to start counting down the days until final (you may noticed already the counter is running on fp.o).

This time we had a new contributor, Paolo Lenoni, creating the banner based on the Solar desktop theme, welcome Paolo!

And I think everybody got my message, there is a nifty code you can use to embed the counter in your own blog or website, go and copy/paste it.


  1. Banner Added To My Blog :))
    Thanks Fedora Pepole!!!

  2. The banner code is great, but it doesn't work on sites like Facebook that don't allow scripts. It would be better if the project created a static image (un-cached) that is updated daily (e.g., via cron job).

    That way, people can just embed the image and those browsing it would see the current countdown. It would allow broader distribution of the counter, and more publicity for Fedora.

  3. Thank you for the welcome! I'm really glad that my little work is useful for the community :-)

  4. ...sorry, I haven't signed the previous comment ;-)