18 July 2011

Clipart spotting: 2D Photography

Not sure how many of my readers remember how excited I was half a year ago when I spotted on YoutTube one of my clipart images being used by the Marina (very few probably know she did it again and again and she even blogged about it - awesome!). Today is one of those days again: a friend of mine wanted to make my day brighter by showing a funny photography-related Rube Goldberg machine and watching it I spotted something familiar: go to the 3:21 minute and notice a little cardboard rocket moving... it is my Public Domain rocket clipart, part of my free clipart collection, an image for which I even wrote an Inkscape tutorial.

clipart spotting

Not sure about the total number of views, but only on YouTube the video has over 430.000 views so far, so I guess I made the world a tiny bit better. Then why do I feel so crappy?

14 July 2011

What's your t-shirt?

So Paul launched a new meme about T-shirts... today my mind won't set on work (in the evening I should have a hot photo session) and I can't resist, must join the fray:


For those who remember, the T-shirt is bought at in Brussels at this year's FOSDEM (sorry, I don't wear the wig too, is way to hot in Bucharest these days).

Now... what's your T-shirt? Quote from Paul:
"Upload a photo of you wearing your t-shirt, let's see what type of t-shirts people wear...link in my comments or do your own blog post :) hmmm wonder how many comments i'll get from my Fedora buddies ;) "

Genuine People Personalities

Seeing Nushio's cumstomized terminals I just had to come with my own:


Quite predictable, right? Well... here is my offer: if at least 10 more people show their terminal customization, I will post one more. And that one is going to be NSFW :D problem?

Master of email?

With so much messages received (and notice, my Inbox in 0 unread!), I guess I am the master of email.


11 July 2011

The Freedom To Hug

We geeks are all used to various freedoms: to use the software, to study its working, to make derivatives, to share it... still, there are other freedoms, like the freedom to hug :) But most of the times we are too much of a geek for it (I remember how back in November I tried to persuade the team to a hugs event for Ceata's 2 years anniversary with lack of success).
Last week-end I joined a bunch of kids for such an event (free hugs in the Herastrau Park of Bucharest) and noticed the much fun they had... methinks geeks should do it more often.

free hugs

05 July 2011

On Google+

Like any "normal" geek, I am on Google+ from as soon I could grab an invitation. And as a "normal" geek, I brag about it, try to lure people into the network and give invites left and right, as much as I can. You know... maybe, just maybe, people will move away from facebook.

But here I don't want to show my e-penis size, measured in the days of being a Google+ user, neither do I want to use it to attract new users (but if someone want to add me in his/her circles... feel free), right now I want to ponder a bit about the viability of this new social network.

google plus

A social network is by definition "social software", so what determine its success or failure is the ability to get people laid, as JWZ rightfully said once. Take this in a metaphorical sense, is not necessarily about people having sex, but about improving one's life.

Point in case: currently my biggest circles on Google + are "FOSS" and "Fedora", all made by other geeks, practically the same I have as contacts on identi.ca, the same hanging on the freenode channels I hang too, some of them the same I had as contacts in Diaspora when I tried to use that (long story short, Diaspora seems dead in the water, the precise reason: I think nobody ever got laid from using it).

So what's the added value? I am a photographer, to stay in touch with my photography contacts, which most likely won't move any time soon, I have to continue using my facebook account. And if I am already there... most of my FOSS and Fedora contacts are there too...

Sure, Google + is in early stages and available as invite-only, there is hope once the gates will be opened, more people will join and make the network useful. Time will tell.

PS: I don't expect Gwibber in Fedora 14 to be able to post status updates to g+, so I have to keep posting the same thing in multiple places.