29 April 2006

Diagraming with Inkscape

Inkscape is really cool for creating diagrams like this:

fedora structure

Full size SVG source available on my Fedora artwork page.

23 April 2006

More wallpapers

With a little experience, is easy to fake a 3D look with Inkscape:

3D logo

I got carryed away with this, and created a bunch of SVG wallpapers based on it, see below a couple, more are available (along with the SVG sources) on my Fedora wallpapers page:

wallpaper wallpaper

20 April 2006

Easter eggs

 Lately i got in a frenzy of drawing game marbles with Inkscape so i couldn't stop drawing some easter eggs, which are pretty much a special case of those marbles (just shapes as an ovoid).
This seems logical, as today is the traditional day for painting eggs for easter, but not so logical considering i am definitely an atheist.
My only excuse: i will enjoy this upcoming 3 days week-end and the traditional festive meals (but still feeling a little dirty for exposing those religious symbols).

19 April 2006

Branding in desktop games

I wonder how appropriate is to use themes for the games in GNOME to "promote" a distro. I was told by someone to send such themes upstream.
Now, if i would be the upstream maintainer, i would feel the need to be distro-impartial and reject such contributions, this is why i am reluctant to propose those upstream.
But i, as a theme creator, i am not sure creating such themes in the first place is a god idea, still weighting it. Opinions?

Anyway, just for fun, i did such a theme:

same gnome fedora

This Same GNOME theme is available for download.

18 April 2006

Open Source Parking

Quoting Netcraft about the new launched Open Source Domain Parking Service:

The project's goals are to increase the market share for open source software and generate revenue from advertising on the parked domains, which will be used to fund "political and promotional efforts" on behalf of open source software.

I'm glad one of the ads used on those parked domains is my OpenOffice.org button:

15 April 2006

Follow-up: more wallpapers

A follow-up to my previous wallpapers post - more on the same theme:

wallpaper wallpaper

wallpaper wallpaper

14 April 2006


So Caolan asked for a pink (OMG PONIES) Gnome wallpaper.
A Fedora one is good enough? (I quickly adapted a blue one from my collection).


Update: And a Gnome one:

13 April 2006

Searching for Fedora on Google

I was surprised seeing a Google search will return my Fedora wallpapers page as the third result in about one million entries.


The first two entries are from the same website, so I am only a step away from world domination on this topic.

Bluecurve Palette

Here is a Bluecurve palette for use in Inkscape and Gimp.


It may be useful when creating Bluecurve icons.

06 April 2006

Power in numbers

Demand OpenDocument I previously talked about this: Microsoft has stated that the company will support the OpenDocument format in MS Office if there is customer demand. So the OpenDocument Fellowship started a petition to show this demand is real. This just reached a significant milestone: over 10.000 signatures, representing over 277.000 computers.

You can sign it too!