12 September 2006

Dark overlords, most wanted and drinks

Rahul about the new FC6 theme:

It is claimed to be dark, satanic, gothic, death metal and futuristic ;-)

I, for one, welcome our new death metal futuristic goth stanic overlords! Dark is good.
But take this opinin with a grain of salt, from someone who used to use solid black backgrounds when no "nice enough" picture was available.

Most wanted

People seems amazed by the similarities between me and this guy, featured on the most wanted list of our Romanian police (18 years for murder - he surely is a dangerous guy). At least I have long hair and am a few years younger.


I could not resist and copy other people, just like the monkey I am:

How to make a Nicu Buculei

5 parts pride

3 parts humour

3 parts leadership
Layer ingredientes in a shot glass. Top it off with a sprinkle of fitness and enjoy!

The trick: try all the possible combination of your name or nickname, even the case matters. For me, it seems the deafult is representative enough (less the fitness part).

07 September 2006

06 September 2006


This is teamwork!And the team absolutely rocks.
Mairin came with the metaphor and a first implementation, Mola with the 3D rendering and Diana with the finishing, other people with feed-back, testing and comments, for a completely stunning result.

My main concern is this: with the bar raised to such a high level, we will have a hard (but fun) time raising it again for FC7.