21 December 2012

Consolation prize

Honestly, it was a bit disappointing no Romanian picture made the international top 10 in the Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 photo contest (we were used to the first place in the previous year after all), but here comes kind of a consolation prize: the first place in the GLAM contest.

Castelul Bran, cruce

Organized by the Europeana.eu culture portal, GLAM is a contest with photos of Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Mmuseums: over 2300 photos from the over 350.000 submitted for Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 were tagged as such. 48 were selected and put to a public vote on Facebook (unfortunately in a walled garden). Now there is a winner, LibertinaGrim, one of the national winners with a detail picture from the Bran Castle (some of you may know it from the wrong, but popular, association with Dracula).

Together with the announcement, the portal's blog has a short story from the author, where she tells how and why she made it. Almost poetic "the colour combination between the wonderfully lit cross and the frozen trees in the background, the intriguing opposition between the warm and cold colour tones", read it!

04 December 2012

WLM 2012 winners

The Wiki Loves Monuments photo competition has announced the 2012 international winners with the top one being a picture of the Tomb of Safdarjung in New Delhi, made by Pranav Singh, it was "the best" from a total of 365756 submitted images, all in the Wikimedia Commons database and all free to use (CC-BY-SA).

Tomb of Safdarjung, New Delhi
Check also the rest of the winners and even the nominated pictures, there is a lot of good stuff, some of which you may find useful (and not only as background wallpapers).