23 October 2003

Gator doesn't like people calling them spyware

21 October 2003

are you stuck on Windows? this can set you free!

16 October 2003

Israel think Microsoft is a monopoly? Yes, but even more, they take action. The Israeli Ministry of Commerce has suspended all governmental contracts with Microsoft, and indicated that the ban will last throughout 2004.

15 October 2003

this is a milestone for Netscape. RIP.
Luckly, Mozilla is on his own.

10 October 2003

using the Shift key on your computer is illegal, am i insane or what?
take this with a grain of salt (is humor), but is not very far from true

09 October 2003

Eolas Technologies has filed a motion to stop Microsoft from distributing its IE software.
All this software patents is a craze, but this time at least maybe they will hit Microsoft badly.

06 October 2003

prepare yourself to see Microsoft and Windows in as many movies as possible (possible by the budget)

01 October 2003

so it was launched: OpenOffice.org 1.1.0
see also the Romanian page, updated personally by me