29 January 2009

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: PC Speaker

Last week I was wondering about cracking yet another joke with Spartans, but I really wasn't sure about it: I had a premise - all the characters growing beards as they think they are Spartans, the development - someone from outside tell they are ugly and should get a razor, but was unsure about the punchline, either some of then don't need razors since being girls their beards are fake or an emo from another distro has a razor but don't want to lend, being busy with it. Weak either way, my mind stopped at "get a razor".

But I was saved from this lameness: last wee-end the planet was taken by storm by PC Speakers, so I knew I have to talk about that, even if a few days after. But I am still haunted by mi indecision: I also have here two alternate endings, one is in the webcomic and the other one was with the laptop owner thinking he is cursed for not having a PC speaker on his laptop and the other guy wondering if that really is a curse or a blessing.

[fedora webcomic: pc speaker

26 January 2009

Portraiture photography

Since I moved my photography blogging elsewhere I mostly stopped from spamming various aggregators with my photos but this weekend it was a nice experience.

The few that know me close enough are aware that I am following a photography course and blog a lot about it. In addition to theory classes, we have also practice and this week-end we did portraiture photography, my fist opportunity to work with studio lights, place them where I feel like and pretend I am not just a n00b. We were photographers but also models, shooting and being shoot.

I find interesting the contrast of the photo where I am the model and the one where I am the photographer: evil versus good, night versus day, Hell versus Heaven...

me from hell Studio portrait: Anca

On the left one can see my dark usual self, dark, bearded, offensive and not usual (covered in smoke, let's pretend it's coming straight from Hell) and on the right the exact opposite, a picture of a blonde colleague (a blue eyed blonde is a must for high key portraits).

There is some GIMPing in the photos above, but it is kept at a minimal level. Time allowing, I will play more later. Also the smapping will be kept at a minumium :p

23 January 2009

Video tutorial: the sign

After the other day the secred sign was revealed to the world, I don't want to see people making mistakes and having their file system checked, so I decided to follow up with a small video tutorial. The image quality is poor, as this seems to be all can do the webcam on my Eee, but I believe the message is not hard to understand:

[fedora secret sign]
Video in Ogg Theora, 3.7MB

If for some weird reason you have something against Ogg Theora, I made available a version using the evil Flash format.

22 January 2009

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: The Secret Sign

Today's subject is a bit delayed, the last week I was busy with werewolves and Spartans, but I have to tell a story about secret societies. It is unrelated to the to recent talks on Planet Fedora, the source is a cool photo from Mo's FUDCon coverage.

[fedora webcomic: secret sign]

Now in the following days I have a decision to make for the next issue: come with a fresh subject or continue to beat the poor horse some more and bore my audience with yet another bad joke involving Spartans.

15 January 2009

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: How to Kill a Werewolf

With everybody excited and happy about new names and past conferences, maybe it the time for me to talk about deaths, about how to kill a werewolf. Of course, pretty much in my own style...

[fedora webcomic: werewolf kill]

...now I should take my leave, back to reviving my own dead, my main internet server that effectively died on me this morning, with smoke and all the goodies.

12 January 2009

Fedora Weekly Webcomic Special: HA-OOH!!!

I was in doubt if I can sit on this idea until the regular publishing day (Thursday) or to issue a "special edition" while the topic is still hot. Well, the decision was eased by the publishing of other comics, so I was afraid someone else may "stole" my exact joke:

[fedora webcomic: leonidas ha-ooh

08 January 2009

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: Baloney

I didn't draw a webcomic since last year so is natural to come in full force with a subject anchored in actuality and this obviously is the vote for the Fedora 11 release name. And do not take the webcomic as a recommendation on what to vote, the "sausage" was not my first vote (also not the last), it is for me the perfect opportunity for [bad] jokes. So don't look at me, go and vote, you surely don't want to be responsible if a bad name wins.

[fedora webcomic: baloney]

Unfortunately, there is another event this week, the Boston FUDCon, and I can't cover both: one issue each week, one topic covered. But I got an idea about a guy digging a whole in the ground with the intention to reach the other side Earth in the hope to find a FUDCon related joke subject.

PS: Today I am pimping one more vote, go and help our friend to shape the revival of the K3RNEL webcomic.

PPS: for anyone speaking another language in addition to English, it should be evident how hard I made for myself the job to translate this issue (I maintain a Romanian translation). For those who don't, here is a hint: I translated/adapted "baloney" with something like "cabbage... with sausages". Damn translations!

01 January 2009

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: The Morning After

Yet again a webcomic edition posted automatically in my absence by my nasty twin. I hope he won't manage to show once more he is also my stupid twin, messing the post and forcing me to do an errata.

As for the cartoon itself (note, it is also part of the set I teased my readers a couple of months ago), at one time I had the idea to add a frame with the Mac guy but abandoned it not because of its lack politically correctness but because of redundancy, repeating one of the "forget about" clauses. Well, a few days ago, with the comic ready and waiting the publishing, I got the idea of a Microsoft frame, "forget about the party, we are immensely boring..." but abandoned it to keep the strip Linux-only (brown versus blue - this sounds like a good spin-off).

fedora webcomic: morning after]