26 January 2009

Portraiture photography

Since I moved my photography blogging elsewhere I mostly stopped from spamming various aggregators with my photos but this weekend it was a nice experience.

The few that know me close enough are aware that I am following a photography course and blog a lot about it. In addition to theory classes, we have also practice and this week-end we did portraiture photography, my fist opportunity to work with studio lights, place them where I feel like and pretend I am not just a n00b. We were photographers but also models, shooting and being shoot.

I find interesting the contrast of the photo where I am the model and the one where I am the photographer: evil versus good, night versus day, Hell versus Heaven...

me from hell Studio portrait: Anca

On the left one can see my dark usual self, dark, bearded, offensive and not usual (covered in smoke, let's pretend it's coming straight from Hell) and on the right the exact opposite, a picture of a blonde colleague (a blue eyed blonde is a must for high key portraits).

There is some GIMPing in the photos above, but it is kept at a minimal level. Time allowing, I will play more later. Also the smapping will be kept at a minumium :p

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