01 January 2009

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: The Morning After

Yet again a webcomic edition posted automatically in my absence by my nasty twin. I hope he won't manage to show once more he is also my stupid twin, messing the post and forcing me to do an errata.

As for the cartoon itself (note, it is also part of the set I teased my readers a couple of months ago), at one time I had the idea to add a frame with the Mac guy but abandoned it not because of its lack politically correctness but because of redundancy, repeating one of the "forget about" clauses. Well, a few days ago, with the comic ready and waiting the publishing, I got the idea of a Microsoft frame, "forget about the party, we are immensely boring..." but abandoned it to keep the strip Linux-only (brown versus blue - this sounds like a good spin-off).

fedora webcomic: morning after]


  1. In first pic it should be "I GUESS YOU HAD A HEAVY" instead of "I GUESS YOUR HAD A HEAVY".

    Awesome comic man!!! Keep up and Happy New Year :)

  2. Thanks Kulbir, I keep doing such stupid spelling mistakes and the spell checker can't catch all of them.