30 May 2007

Fedora Tuica

Fedora 7 Moonshine translated in Romanian is Fedora Tuica (with diacritics Fedora Ţuică). It allow users to make their own mix at home and brew an own home-made derivative, with its own personal flavor, including liveCDs or liveUSB.

In a celebration of the Moonshine, here are schematics of an improvised installation for making tuica, just like my grand mother uses to use ages ago:

[moonshine maker]

There are a fey quick similarities comparing Fedora and Moonshine (tuica):
  • using any of them will make you happy
  • both are addictive and may render you dependant
  • being home made, Tuica is free, Fedora the same
  • you can share them with your friends
  • both are strong

A bit more info about the Romanian Tuica:
  • the original and traditional receipt is to made them from plums
  • an appreciated variety is the one made from pears
  • the flavor is poorer, but the fruits are everywhere, so many people make it using cherry plums
  • mulberry is a very sweet fruit, so people make tuica using mulberries, when they have them
  • a cheap receipt it to use the remaining of the pressed grapes after wine making

29 May 2007

Bible Fight - cool Flash game

This cool Flash game,, seen on Planet linux360, thanks to Starlog.

biblefight game

It bring me a bit of nostalgia about a time around 10 years ago when I used to enjoy a little Mortal Kombat match, but I am a little too old for that now and my fingers are not fast enough.

BTW, are there such fighting games released as GPL and available for Linux? (bonus point: funny, cartoonish look, maybe SVG graphics, kind of Monkey Bubble style)

24 May 2007

What is a name?

siegfriedI voted for Siegfired

Background info and credits for the photo at wikipedia

23 May 2007

Inkscape folded sticker

Ryan's tutorial about creating stickers with folded edge in Inkscape is very addictive, so I couldn't stop myself playing with it, here is what I did:

dioanad sticker fedora sticker

 Nice work, Ryan!

When I saw the sticker for the first time (before the tutorial was published) I had an idea, but being too lazy and too focused on other things for the moment will not follow it: how about a little web page to create such customized stickers? Like a form to enter your text, select the sticker color, click a button and your sticker is ready!

I see two ways to do it:

  • have two PNG images, one with the body of the sticker and another with the "dog ear", use a library like gd and combine these two PNGs with another one, generated on the fly, containing the text (also made with gd and php)

  • work with vectors, replace the text inside the SVG and use a command line utility to convert from SVG to PNG. Unfortunately, imagemagik is not up to the task (it does not support advanced SVG features) and Inkscape is probably not available on your web host (and I don't think Inkscape will work without X)

17 May 2007

cc Swag

 I received a note calling me to the post office to pick a package. What that could it be? Suprise, surprise: it was a package with swag from CreativeCommons, nice!

Thanks Rejon!

02 May 2007

GIMP rain animation tutorial, "patrulaterul maro" buttons

GIMP rain animation tutorial

After a number of Inkscape tutorials, it was the time for me to make a GIMP one, this one about creating a fake a rain animation effect, like this:

gimp rain animation

It is quite big, with many large images, so I put it on a static page from my tutorials website, if you are interested, read it in its original location.

[read more]

"Patrulaterul maro" Buttons

As I am in the mood of showing some creative products, here are a few political buttons I made for my own use, but I share them with my Romanian readers who may find them useful.

probase suspendat 322 nu maro