30 October 2008

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: Distro Names

I think someone is preparing a release these days, so a welcome webcomic from me (you can file it in the "mine is bigger" collection)...

[fedora weekly webcomic: distro names]

29 October 2008

Quotes of the day

A couple of quotes that really made my day:

"some days it feels like I am more likely to get a pink pony with wings, though"

"it's hard to have one arm extended out to you reaching out an olive branch and the other arm of the same creature brandishing a chainsaw and waving it in your face at the same time"

Go girl, go!

Now I have to those visuals in my head and I am looking for a way to reuse them (too late in the release cycle for this week's webcomic)...

24 October 2008

Two months in advance

It happened to have my webcomic ready for a certain week only a few minutes before the publishing time, but usually I make it one or two days in advance.

Not so this time: the other day in the morning I was in the bus, going to work and without nasty activity to do (you know, the kind of nasty things I am infamous for), I was planning my activities (that is what I do when I don't have anything nasty to do). So I was struck by two webcomic ideas, one for Christmas and anther for the New Year (well, those ideas are somewhat nasty, but not that kind of nasty).

After a day of internal debate, leave it as ideas in my head or draw them, I decided to put them down and have one worry less in the holiday season (and along with them I also made next week's issue).

Not the tough part: I have to sit two month on those drawings and do not show them to anybody... can I resist? Hopefully so, but I can't resist to tease: the images are online, in the usual place but not linked, here is a sample:

webcomic sample

23 October 2008

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: Remix

This week I try an experiment with the wecomic: replace the (must hated by some readers) handfont with a new font, Rufscript, a font made by Hiran, from our community and already packaged for Fedora.

I am not sure (and I could use some feedback) if the readability is improved, but this new font is more compact, I can put more text in one strip (again, this is not necessarily a good thing).

Another implication of the font change is the move from a Public Domain font to a GPLv3+font exception one, but this should not be a problem, both are Free.

[fedora weekly webcomic: remix

22 October 2008

People shoot people

Earlier today, talking with Kushal in #fedora-art about photography he said a phrase which rang a bell in my head "I shoot people" and made me to try a few T-shirt designs on that theme (follow the links for the SVG sources and a large view):

Now, as always, I am undecided, can't say which is my one choice, the "I shoot people" design (in two variants) or the "cameras don't shoot people, people shoot people" design. Opinions? Until now the feedback I received for the first design is 50-50.

I made the sources available so anyone cam make his own, with his own modifications (for example I plan to add my website URL or my own), at whatever price or quality he want. But for the lazy ones, I put together a small shop at Cafepress (I won't use that for myself, is not an option due to its shipping prices).

Denied By Reign

denied by reign

Jono Bacon announced the Denied By Reign, the first Severed Fifth release under a Creative Commons license. Free metal, I had do download it and keep the torrent seeding, even if there are few downloaders (it seems like I wont' get to a 1 or 1.5 share ratio anytime soon).

About the music, while it is not exactly my genre of metal, it is metal and is not bad, but the most important: it is freely licensed, so I have something to use as a soundtrack for my future screencasts (unless the releases from NIN, where the NC clause is a deal breaker) ... now it PiTiVi would be useful enough for joining the audio and video tracks and for adding the credit screen required by the license (Attribution).

20 October 2008

Tons of photos

I got a really good scare from gThumb: take the SD card out of my camera, put it in the computer, open gThumb and import the photos, with the option to delete the card after import. When the import is done, look at the imported directory and notice it had 1024 photos. Naively think about is as an very odd coincidence to see such a "round" number and start the work: a first view of the photoset, to get an idea about what can be published on the web.

And then PANIC! The set ends too early, before some of the most important photos... where did they go? Deleted? PANIC! Rush to the memory card, put it in the PC and what a relief: there are the photos, undeleted, about 165 of them. Stupid gThumb!

As one can easy understand, last weekend, between a food festival with fat and ugly waitresses and a car (tuning) exhibition with Barbie shaped booth babes, I effectively took a ton of photos (a selection available in my flickr account for those interested).

Speaking of Yahoo, for a large number of reasons I feel uncomfortable about putting my photos in its basket, would feel a lot more comfortable with a main gallery, with tons of photos (a lot of them unposted yet), on my capable hosting solution and only a few highlights on flickr, for the social network part. The problem is that I still like flickr's interface the best and I am not happy with any alternative I tried (gallery2 is too complex, zenphoto is too basic and so on). In fact I have a lot of ideas about how the "perfect" gallery is supposed to work, and nothing is close.

But I digress... apparently all ended well, with the photos not really lost, but the weekend's conclusion, learned the hard way, was: never leave the home without your business cards, or at least carry a pen... You learn this when you are asked by the best looking (according with my personal scale) model at the car exhibition and the only thing you are capable to to is to babble something about a search on flickr... Compared to this, the organizer of the food festival proposing to pay for some photos from you is nothing :p (note: this one fell off too, until I realised I had no cards on me, he was called with some urgent business elsewhere).

Well, nothing lost, nothing gained, is not like I expected anything before those events, just to take some photos.

16 October 2008

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: A Pony for Me

A flamerwar about why Fedora sucks and what should be done to stop that is a recurring event and usually the subject is multimedia support.
Well, as the problem with multimedia is smaller and smaller (do you saw the new capabilities built into PackageKit?), the latest flamewar (still ongoing) is about "Long Term Support" and I believe it is a kind of record, my fingers are tired of deleting unread threads...

[fedora webcomic: pony]

09 October 2008

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: Dogfooding

Its' been a while from my last webcomic containing the "U" word, I have to correct this...

[fedora weekly webcomic: dogfooding]

07 October 2008

Man, I am sloppy that sometime I really feel embarrassed...

The HackergotchiService queue is one task I claim to keep under control, but something happened and I stopped receiving notification changed for that page from the wiki (maybe I deleted by mistake a notification or just forgot to follow the link to re-enable). So today when someone pinged me on IRC about an long-time open request I noticed 4 open requests and one where the requester (Larry) tired of waiting just went forward and did the job himself. Sorry! I really feel ashamed by my sloppiness...

In somewhat related news here is a screenshot of the new GIMP 2.6, installed from a F10 package lifted from Koji (thanks Nils!), running on my EeePC. Neat.... one more reason to jump soon to Rawhide on the desktop too.

[gimp 2.6]

Damn city...

This morning when I get out of the house to go at work I encountered a beautiful sunrise: dark clouds with a golden bottom edge, from the warm light coming from below, and a glowing blue background. Amazing colors!

The light was perfect, my camera was close, but I didn't have a clear sight to the horizon: too many houses, trees, pillars and wires. Damn city! wanted a picture of the sunrise, not of the sity skyline...

I could have taken a detour, trying to find a good spot, but that would mean a large detour and getting very late at work (I am late anyway, is hard to wake up so early in the morning).

Now don't get me wrong, I am a city boy, I despise the city but will not like to live outside it, I am just frustrated: the opportunity hits you in the face and you miss it again.

I can draw an optimistic or pessimistic conclusion from that, here is the pessimistic one: in a couple of weeks the sunrise should happen when I am near the Herastrau Park, but I am sure the combination (weather, clouds, light) will not be that good.

02 October 2008

Fedora Weekly Webcmic: The bribe

Freeze dates are freeze dates and we are supposed to respect them, but also features are features and is natural for us to crave for them... So which crave-worthy application was released recently? GIMP 2.6, of course, I crave for it too!

[fedora webcomic: bribe]