24 October 2008

Two months in advance

It happened to have my webcomic ready for a certain week only a few minutes before the publishing time, but usually I make it one or two days in advance.

Not so this time: the other day in the morning I was in the bus, going to work and without nasty activity to do (you know, the kind of nasty things I am infamous for), I was planning my activities (that is what I do when I don't have anything nasty to do). So I was struck by two webcomic ideas, one for Christmas and anther for the New Year (well, those ideas are somewhat nasty, but not that kind of nasty).

After a day of internal debate, leave it as ideas in my head or draw them, I decided to put them down and have one worry less in the holiday season (and along with them I also made next week's issue).

Not the tough part: I have to sit two month on those drawings and do not show them to anybody... can I resist? Hopefully so, but I can't resist to tease: the images are online, in the usual place but not linked, here is a sample:

webcomic sample


  1. You mean here:


  2. nope, the webcomics are at http://fedora.nicubunu.ro/webcomics/ but you can't access [easily] the file list there

  3. I've spotted this:
    It looks like one of the boxes in your teaser, but I can't find a "christmas.svg" or "xmas.svg" in your webcomics folder.

  4. @anonymous: you are on the right track, but the file name is not *that* obvious.