23 October 2008

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: Remix

This week I try an experiment with the wecomic: replace the (must hated by some readers) handfont with a new font, Rufscript, a font made by Hiran, from our community and already packaged for Fedora.

I am not sure (and I could use some feedback) if the readability is improved, but this new font is more compact, I can put more text in one strip (again, this is not necessarily a good thing).

Another implication of the font change is the move from a Public Domain font to a GPLv3+font exception one, but this should not be a problem, both are Free.

[fedora weekly webcomic: remix


  1. hey there is a minor mistake ... in the 2nd pic it should be "IF YOU SPIN IT NORMALLY" instead of "IT YOU SPIN IT NORMALLY".

    cool comic :)

  2. Thanks for the recent comment :-)


  3. Also "careful" has only one 'l'.