07 October 2008

Man, I am sloppy that sometime I really feel embarrassed...

The HackergotchiService queue is one task I claim to keep under control, but something happened and I stopped receiving notification changed for that page from the wiki (maybe I deleted by mistake a notification or just forgot to follow the link to re-enable). So today when someone pinged me on IRC about an long-time open request I noticed 4 open requests and one where the requester (Larry) tired of waiting just went forward and did the job himself. Sorry! I really feel ashamed by my sloppiness...

In somewhat related news here is a screenshot of the new GIMP 2.6, installed from a F10 package lifted from Koji (thanks Nils!), running on my EeePC. Neat.... one more reason to jump soon to Rawhide on the desktop too.

[gimp 2.6]

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  1. One of the reasons why having a ticket system or bugzilla for requests like these would be a step forward. Alas the discussion on the art list about that died out and I am not sure how to proceed :-D I can request and set it up on fedora hosted, but I need a blessing from the art team first ;-)