22 November 2006


I could not stand anymore Azureus from Fedora Extras: it stop the transfers out of the blue, some times does not close cleanly, is a nightmare. So a replacement was in order.
I tested bittorrent-gui, also from Extras. It sucks feature-wise, for example you can't limit the download speed.
After a little digging in pirut i found a little gem: the Transmission BitTorrent GUI:

Transmission - nice and easy

Speaking about interfaces, I can't go over Beryl.
I had problems with Compiz and AIGLX on my Nvidia card, even using the nice instructions provided by Chitlesh. Enter Beryl. I would not talk now about how buggy and slow is, but about the awful user interface for its configurator:

It would be a good candidate for the GUI hall of shame

Yeah, I am very negative today, a normal state when nothing around you works.

16 November 2006


The blackout was almot complete, even the website and the mail server were down for a little over two days (both .ro and .com).
Now the server is back and I slowly get up to speed. Probably next week I will get back to 100%.
So if anyone wonder where I am (I don't think anyone cares), I'm still alive.

07 November 2006


Here is a screenshot from the Hacking Democracy documentary, I guess it shows without any doubt its makers are nothing else than a bunch of terrorists, they use BearShare, an evil p2p application and only terrorists use such software.

03 November 2006

Painting aircrafts, blog search, free fonts, evolution

Painting aircrafts with Inkscape

I work as sysadmin in a small aviation company, so my job usually involve very little graphic creation, I have to do it mainly in my spare time. But these days I had a good opportunity: had to simulate painting an aircraft as a preview for one of our customers, so I followed tigert's steps and did it with Inkscape:

Just for kicks, here is the outline view:

Unfortunately, I don't have enough rights over the initial photo, or else I would add more polish to it (blur filters and stuff) and submit it an a screenshot/showcase for Inkscape.

Also, for a long time I did very little graphics on my own, so being somewhat "forced" to do this was a kind of unexpected.

Blog searches

Is not good for web searches of your blog to have your name corresponding with an English word, in my case Newborn Intensive Care Unit, but I still tried is, here is the result of a Google search for "nicu blog":

Is not that bad: my blog is not the first result, but is in the middle of the first page. I guess I am not yet that evil to start fighting newborns :p

Free fonts

We got the idea a long time ago on the Open Clip Art Library mailing list: the contributions seems to be very high, people are unexpectedly wanting to contribute free content. So we can try to expand to other areas, like fonts. As a consequence, we founded the Open Font Library project, but as we all had our hands full working on various other projects, put it in "sleep" mode, waiting for the right time to push it.
And it seems the right time is now.

The project is gaining traction: new contributors arrived, traffic on the mailing list is booming, the website backend was migrated to ccHost, people are uploading fonts.
Of course, new contributors are invited to come.


No, this is not about that Evolution, is about my personal evolution.