22 November 2006


I could not stand anymore Azureus from Fedora Extras: it stop the transfers out of the blue, some times does not close cleanly, is a nightmare. So a replacement was in order.
I tested bittorrent-gui, also from Extras. It sucks feature-wise, for example you can't limit the download speed.
After a little digging in pirut i found a little gem: the Transmission BitTorrent GUI:

Transmission - nice and easy

Speaking about interfaces, I can't go over Beryl.
I had problems with Compiz and AIGLX on my Nvidia card, even using the nice instructions provided by Chitlesh. Enter Beryl. I would not talk now about how buggy and slow is, but about the awful user interface for its configurator:

It would be a good candidate for the GUI hall of shame

Yeah, I am very negative today, a normal state when nothing around you works.


  1. Transmission looks really nice. I'll have to try that out when I get home. Do you know if it has UPnP support though? That's the main reason I stick with the "vanilla" BitTorrent stuff, as I'm NATed. Thanks!

  2. Transmission is very cool, just what i have been looking for.

  3. Deluge ( http://deluge-torrent.org/ ) also is good torrent downloader. But i did not find a repo for Fedora.

    To peter: Transmission doesn't support UPnP.