04 December 2006

Fedora themes, OOo translation, life and beards.

Fedora themes - Round 1

Today is December 4, the end of Round 1 for submitting theme proposals. There are some more or less formal proposals, like Borealis, Dreams, Flying High, Planet, Tangram, each with its ups and downs. I expect a productive discussion on our mailing list in the next days.

Bad me, I was unworthy again and have not contributed a theme concept, only useless comments.

UPDATE: the deadline was extended until December 6

Translating OpenOffice.org in Romanian

It started with a big boom but the process was stalled for about one year. Now we have a leadership change: ghrt, from translating the User Manual fame, is taking charge of the UI translation. We will see how this will improve the work, I hope for the better.


A rhetoric question: if I lost about 15% of my weight, it was part of me, living tissue and is no more. It is correct to say a part of me died?


This is how my two months old beard is looking. Is somewhat funny how people look at me in shock, like I am some kind of circus freak, I had even requests for touching my beard.


  1. No, it is not. As far as my knowledge on the subject goes, fat cells doesn't dissapear once they are created, they simply don't contain fat, so they are there. ;)

  2. But the fat wasn't a living (organic) part of me?