30 November 2005

Shame on you OSDL

OSDL has published the results of their Linux desktop survey.

As you can see from this Evince screenshot, the published PDF was made using Microsoft Word, probably on Microsoft Windows undinf the Microsoft DOC format.
Shame on you OSDL! Have you heard the phrease "eat your own doog food"? So much for the Desktop Linux from them.

PS: at least they could have hired some competent workers able to obfuscate the massive use of Microsoft products at the Linux development headquarters.

Update: It was pointed to me the PDF metadata contain more info - the document was made on OS X, but this is not much better.

Update to update:If you ask, the document was made inside OSDL, not by external contractor.

Another update: Do you remember how much fun we have when learning about a Microsoft employee using Firefox?

25 November 2005

OCAL in impasse?

Open Source games sucks. People argue this is because Open Source people are mostly developers, not artists and because artists are not very much into free sharing of their work.

I think the Open Clip Art Library proves this wrong: we showed is possible to get in less than two years over 10.000 images from several hundreds of people, producing something which is included in many FOSS and commercial projects. But we were not able to get enough developers doing a half-decent CMS for the website.

The upcoming release look like a bad milestone: over 10% of the submitted SVG files were damaged by the upload scripts. A bug reported a few days ago prevent uploading of zip archives (this stopped Gerald from submitting his set of 1400 images). All of this happens after we skipped a release because of security problems on our website. And we still don't have a plan on implementing features promised over than one year ago.

I wonder how many contributors or possible contributors were lost because of our broken website and what is our real potential, double, triple, more?

I have not made many new images from the last release (something around 80 files) but because of the brokenness, don't feel very motivated to create more or even submit them. Yes, I am a bit disappointed for the moment.

15 November 2005

05 November 2005

Ass, erm... donkey

I guess I just let myself carried by a joke made by Joshua Wulf: