30 November 2005

Shame on you OSDL

OSDL has published the results of their Linux desktop survey.

As you can see from this Evince screenshot, the published PDF was made using Microsoft Word, probably on Microsoft Windows undinf the Microsoft DOC format.
Shame on you OSDL! Have you heard the phrease "eat your own doog food"? So much for the Desktop Linux from them.

PS: at least they could have hired some competent workers able to obfuscate the massive use of Microsoft products at the Linux development headquarters.

Update: It was pointed to me the PDF metadata contain more info - the document was made on OS X, but this is not much better.

Update to update:If you ask, the document was made inside OSDL, not by external contractor.

Another update: Do you remember how much fun we have when learning about a Microsoft employee using Firefox?


  1. That's OSDL. Anyway, it's an embarrassment for the Linux communities everywhere. :(

  2. Ovidiu, thanks for the correction and damn with those acronyms.

  3. maybe they wanted to proove that you can make a PDF from a .doc file on Linux (using wine or something...) ;)

  4. Well this prooves that Open source software has still some work to do to become popular among the majority of "usual" (not to say dumb) users. I saw a lot of times people being confused when they were asked to work under Open Source software (OOo, Gimp, Abiword etc... under Linux), even if these programs had all the abilities and functions required for the (usually simple) job. Users just don't get used to new interfaces, new look & feels, other than "standard" function names, etc... In a few words: usability has to be improved, only then people will get rid of MS or Mac stuff.

  5. This usability argument is bogus, a lot of Windows applications have horrible usability, dwarfed by, for example, by GNOME usability. Should I give more example beyond Windows Media Player? It is a big offender and is part of a standard Windows install.