02 December 2005

R.I.P. - MyLINUX magazine

My picture just got published in a magazine - MyLINUX, so I purchased this morning one to show it to my mom :p

I had a surprise opening it: an announcement saying the magazine will be published in the future only in PDF format on the CD-ROM of their other magazines (MyComputer, PCGames and CDForum). So practically, the magazine is dead.

I wonder if it was bad karma for them to publish my picture in the magazine or a Linux magazine is not a viable business in Romania.


On a more serious note, I think I have some ideas on why the magazine failed after only 7 editions:

  • the company making it is not big, probably is hard to push that many magazines

  • the paper based media is dying being replaced by online venues and this is more visible on IT magazines

  • maybe I am well informed and in touch with the Linux world, but this particular magazine failed to offer to me significant value

  • in a country where a copy of Windows costs very little above the price of a blank CD (at the corner of the street, of course), desktop Linux is a niche product for end-users

note: It looks like my blog posts are pretty negative lately, maybe I should write about more optimistic things, like the incredibly cool idea of a SVG game

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