28 February 2006

AIGLX, XGL and me

Accelerated X is a hot topic these days and Free Software Magazine has an article about it.
Surprisingly enough, I would not talk about the accelerated X, but about this particular article: it contains some diagrams in which I recognized a couple of images from my Public Domain clipart collection (also part of Open Clip Art Library).
Those are not something I am proud of, the images were made back when I was learning my way into Inkscape(or probably Sodipodi at the time) but is nice to see them used.

13 February 2006

Save Tweety / Salvati-l pe Tweety

The protest was started by the kids in a Romanian school, feed-up with the bad translation of the programs on Cartoon Network. Yes, we don't want the shows doubled in Romanian, we like the original, in English, with a Romanian subtitle for those who does not know enough English.

06 February 2006


Someone just discovered the StarWars game easter egg in OpenOffice.org Calc so la lot of noise started:
- the developers does not take the project seriously;
- this is not professional;
- we can't trust OOo;
- my employees wile play instead of work;
- this is a blocker for adoption in schools;
- etc.

Bugs opened in IssueZilla only to be closed by developers in a few minutes, endless threads on the mailing list - in a few words: hell on earth.

So if having easter eggs is so bad, how one can explain the dominance of Microsoft Office, with the famous flight simulator in Excel?

Well, I have a simple solution for those people: download the source code, comment the easter eggs code, build a binary, rename it BoringOffice.org and advertise it as "the same OpenOffice.org but with all the fun taken out".

02 February 2006

Sea Monkey 1.0

SeaMonkey released the first stable version. At a first look it looks better than the combination of Firefox 1.5 and Thunderbird 1.5, both are based on the same Gecko generation, so SVG support, tab reordering, global inbox, or whatever you need, but SeaMonkey is faster.
Sure, I can see also some downsides: SeaMonkey does not have pretty pictures, the icon theme is the same old one, remembering of Netscape 4.x days.

It appears the SeaMonkey developers follow a lesson from Firefox branding: they don't want to release the source for the logo graphic, to keep it under control.
I have bad news: such a logo is easy to recreate, here is a very quick job, with a lot of room for further improvements:

seamonkey logo

Of course, the source is available as SVG