06 February 2006


Someone just discovered the StarWars game easter egg in OpenOffice.org Calc so la lot of noise started:
- the developers does not take the project seriously;
- this is not professional;
- we can't trust OOo;
- my employees wile play instead of work;
- this is a blocker for adoption in schools;
- etc.

Bugs opened in IssueZilla only to be closed by developers in a few minutes, endless threads on the mailing list - in a few words: hell on earth.

So if having easter eggs is so bad, how one can explain the dominance of Microsoft Office, with the famous flight simulator in Excel?

Well, I have a simple solution for those people: download the source code, comment the easter eggs code, build a binary, rename it BoringOffice.org and advertise it as "the same OpenOffice.org but with all the fun taken out".

1 comment:

  1. I actually do agree with the guy asking to remove the easter egg. Simply because just like some obscure feature that nobody use and that makes OOo even more bundled I do think we really need to optimize the suite and get rid of EVERYTHING unecessary.

    Another example of bloatware is that media player that they put and I still have to find a use for it.