28 January 2006


Just found this picture, it is about 7 years old. Can you guess who I am? I bet you can't!
Consider the betting game open :)

Originally uploaded by nicubunu.

  • Yup, the military service there is still mandatory in my country

  • Those are real AKM rifles

  • The picture is not taken in Siberia nor in a real war

16 January 2006


Admire the new default theme in Gnobots (from GNOME Games):

gnobots default

Unfortunately, i was completely unaware by the GNOME release schedule, so two additional themes (a Sci-Fi one and a Horror another) did not make the feature freeze (by a few hours). However, expect to see them in a future version of Gnobots, when the game will be fully scalable and support SVG graphics (this is what i was told). Until then, take a peek:

gnobots additional

12 January 2006

Business and OCAL

An intriguing inquiry today at Open Clip Art Library: someone from a gaming company is searching for some of a few of our authors for a business proposal.
Of course, I don't have their contact data, end even if I had it, don't think is appropriate to give it to strangers.
So if Dan Gerhards, The Structor or AJ Ashton are reading this: have a look at the mailing list someone is wanting to give you money.

About the same time someone else is looking for Franccesco Rollandin, this time i don't know if money are involved. Francesco is easy to find, he used to post on the mailing list.