22 December 2006

Fedora Art leadership, XMAS vacany

Fedora Art leadership

So we started the much needed talk about leadership and decisions making. I hope the project will get stronger after it and we will rock even harder.

XMAS vacancy (personal)

As almost everyone else, I will be on a short vacancy for a few days.
I expect this to be my worst Christmas. And this saying should have some weight considering the second worst is the one when I decided I hate Christmas.

20 December 2006

OpenOffice.org icons - Galaxy

Sun just unveiled a new icon design for OpenOffice.org, named Galaxy.


As always, I have a strong opinion about it but at the second toght would not say much about it now. Only that they use too many details at the smallest size (16x16px) and the result is a little blurry.

13 December 2006

SVG rendering in Gran Paradiso

With the newly released Alpha 3 of the development version for Firefox 3 (Gran Paradiso) I tried the SVG rendering to compare it with the current Firefox (well, current as provided by Fedora, but I do not expect major differences in FF 2.0, it has Gecko 1.8.1).

As a sample, I used my remix of Mairin's design for the Flying High round 2 theme.

This picture is worth 1000 words:

click to enlarge

It looks almost identical (at a quick look I can't see any difference) with Inkscape's rendering.

06 December 2006


Now that anyone can signup to Mugshot I created an account for myself ans started playing with it. The first impression it that it lack tons of things, but more on this later.
For now I want only to advertize the group I made for Fedora Art contributors, please join so we can see if we can interact like a community.


I expect today to be a good day to observe the hypocrisy in the surrounding world.

Note: this post is only for people who know me in person.

Update, a day later: Yup, I was correct, a lot of hypocrites showed...

04 December 2006

Fedora themes, OOo translation, life and beards.

Fedora themes - Round 1

Today is December 4, the end of Round 1 for submitting theme proposals. There are some more or less formal proposals, like Borealis, Dreams, Flying High, Planet, Tangram, each with its ups and downs. I expect a productive discussion on our mailing list in the next days.

Bad me, I was unworthy again and have not contributed a theme concept, only useless comments.

UPDATE: the deadline was extended until December 6

Translating OpenOffice.org in Romanian

It started with a big boom but the process was stalled for about one year. Now we have a leadership change: ghrt, from translating the User Manual fame, is taking charge of the UI translation. We will see how this will improve the work, I hope for the better.


A rhetoric question: if I lost about 15% of my weight, it was part of me, living tissue and is no more. It is correct to say a part of me died?


This is how my two months old beard is looking. Is somewhat funny how people look at me in shock, like I am some kind of circus freak, I had even requests for touching my beard.