07 October 2008

Damn city...

This morning when I get out of the house to go at work I encountered a beautiful sunrise: dark clouds with a golden bottom edge, from the warm light coming from below, and a glowing blue background. Amazing colors!

The light was perfect, my camera was close, but I didn't have a clear sight to the horizon: too many houses, trees, pillars and wires. Damn city! wanted a picture of the sunrise, not of the sity skyline...

I could have taken a detour, trying to find a good spot, but that would mean a large detour and getting very late at work (I am late anyway, is hard to wake up so early in the morning).

Now don't get me wrong, I am a city boy, I despise the city but will not like to live outside it, I am just frustrated: the opportunity hits you in the face and you miss it again.

I can draw an optimistic or pessimistic conclusion from that, here is the pessimistic one: in a couple of weeks the sunrise should happen when I am near the Herastrau Park, but I am sure the combination (weather, clouds, light) will not be that good.


  1. Maybe you should keep that image in mind for the next Fedora artwork/theme release.

  2. The glowing blue could work but I am not sure a sunrise is the right metaphor for out animated backgrounds (we have 4 slightly different images: morning, day, evening and night with smooth transitions).

  3. you should have taken the picture anyway. the city stuff would have added a more artistic thing to the picture. i always go by this principle: if you cannot make something ideal, make it 80% good and it still better than nothing.

  4. Yeah, this is a good thing when you want to tell a story about the city but I was in the mood for a photo about nature, like something that would make an awesome wallpaper (and on top of that, the part of the city where I live is fugly)