22 October 2008

People shoot people

Earlier today, talking with Kushal in #fedora-art about photography he said a phrase which rang a bell in my head "I shoot people" and made me to try a few T-shirt designs on that theme (follow the links for the SVG sources and a large view):

Now, as always, I am undecided, can't say which is my one choice, the "I shoot people" design (in two variants) or the "cameras don't shoot people, people shoot people" design. Opinions? Until now the feedback I received for the first design is 50-50.

I made the sources available so anyone cam make his own, with his own modifications (for example I plan to add my website URL or my own), at whatever price or quality he want. But for the lazy ones, I put together a small shop at Cafepress (I won't use that for myself, is not an option due to its shipping prices).


  1. Great irony! There is so much to read in to the combination of "I shoot people" and a camera icon. Everywhere in the world has been marred by gun violence, and many people have been touched by the simple effect of photographing real people.

  2. Good idea. A suggestion: How about "I shoot people" on the front and a camera on the back? That should be interesting to people seeing the front side first.

  3. I prefer the T-shirts to have drawings only on the front side but the SVG should be useful for any variation