09 October 2008

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: Dogfooding

Its' been a while from my last webcomic containing the "U" word, I have to correct this...

[fedora weekly webcomic: dogfooding]


  1. The first time this happened to me with your comic, but... I don't get it :S

  2. Jeez dude you use SVG. Seeing the people load in a weird way (unlike raster gfx from top to bottom) was a bit creepy at first.

  3. @anonymous: yes, I use SVG, which is a W3C standard but I also use a raster version (PNG), which is shown as default, you have to click for the SVG source.

    And for me it does not load from bottom to top in Firefox, but sequentially, object by object.

  4. @nicu - I know the expression "to eat one's own dogfood", but that means that you use the stuff you make yourself. So now a Fedora ambassador is using Ubuntu... Is the pun that he doesn't like eating dogfood? (i.e. at least Ubuntu is better than dogfood, or something?)

    But then, why is the old Launchpad logo on the bag? Or isn't that the Launchpad logo?

  5. The bag illustration is supposed to represent some bones.