30 May 2007

Fedora Tuica

Fedora 7 Moonshine translated in Romanian is Fedora Tuica (with diacritics Fedora Ţuică). It allow users to make their own mix at home and brew an own home-made derivative, with its own personal flavor, including liveCDs or liveUSB.

In a celebration of the Moonshine, here are schematics of an improvised installation for making tuica, just like my grand mother uses to use ages ago:

[moonshine maker]

There are a fey quick similarities comparing Fedora and Moonshine (tuica):
  • using any of them will make you happy
  • both are addictive and may render you dependant
  • being home made, Tuica is free, Fedora the same
  • you can share them with your friends
  • both are strong

A bit more info about the Romanian Tuica:
  • the original and traditional receipt is to made them from plums
  • an appreciated variety is the one made from pears
  • the flavor is poorer, but the fruits are everywhere, so many people make it using cherry plums
  • mulberry is a very sweet fruit, so people make tuica using mulberries, when they have them
  • a cheap receipt it to use the remaining of the pressed grapes after wine making

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  1. ROTFL
    You made my day. :) Fac cinste c-o palinca. :D