02 May 2007

GIMP rain animation tutorial, "patrulaterul maro" buttons

GIMP rain animation tutorial

After a number of Inkscape tutorials, it was the time for me to make a GIMP one, this one about creating a fake a rain animation effect, like this:

gimp rain animation

It is quite big, with many large images, so I put it on a static page from my tutorials website, if you are interested, read it in its original location.

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"Patrulaterul maro" Buttons

As I am in the mood of showing some creative products, here are a few political buttons I made for my own use, but I share them with my Romanian readers who may find them useful.

probase suspendat 322 nu maro



  1. I tried your rain animation but I all I got was the screen blinking between the blur & the picture. What am I doing wrong?

  2. Dad said...
    > I tried your rain animation but I all I
    > got was the screen blinking between the
    > blur & the picture. What am I doing
    > wrong?

    I suspect you are doing wrong two things:
    - at the end, when you have the rain (motion blurred) layer you have to merge down it with the photo layer;
    - you have to make more than one rain (motion blurred) layers, each as a frame of the animation and merge each of them with a copy of the background photo.

  3. How can I add text without it blinking on every slide?

  4. duplicate your text layer with a copy for each frame of the animation and then merge down the text and picture frames

  5. Is it possible to create this effect without the background image? I tried it but the image always got murdered when I converted it to indexed. I want to be able to add it as a CSS layer on top of any other image on the web.

  6. Using this technique (motion blur) you can't have rain without a background.
    The reason is the rain drops have various degrees of transparency (alpha transparency), a feature not supported by GIF/indexed colors, so when converting to indexed colors they are flattened (this "murder" your image). When having a background, they are blended with it and the image is already flat.

    So the solution in your case is to either use animated PNG (not well supported by browsers) or to create the rain drops in a some different way without alpha transparency.

  7. hi
    I translated your work to my language (Turkish) I want to share this translation in some Turkish forums if you give permission. are there any objections for you ?

  8. This tutorial, like all my tutorials, is published under the CreativeCommons Attribution Share Alike license, so feel free to share under this terms.

  9. um hi. i tried the rain effect thingy but at the end it doesnt blink. it blinks and everything when i go to preview the animation.
    what am i doing wrong??

  10. I don't know and can't know without seeing your image: are you saving as GIF? (only gif can be animated, not other image formats)
    Also, when saving as GIF GIMP will ask what to do with layers, flatten or save as animation, have you selected animation?

  11. hey there..hope you could help me with my little problem.I almost got everything done but i only got the blinking thing between the pic and the rain.Help me please?you could email your response here sc_pascua37@yahoo.com

  12. Followed the tutorial all OK, I had the picture with the rain ,when I went to Save as and picked gif the screen came up,but the "animated GIF was greyed out...have I missed something?

  13. This tutorial is so good because my girlfriend likes so much this kind of works and procedures, I know she will be grateful when I notice her about this.

  14. Hello, I've followed all the steps up till the optimizing for gif. However, when I try to export it as a gif, it only shows one picture (not animated). The 2.8 version of Gimp doesn't seem to have the gif animation options that shows up in your tutorial, It does somewhat work if I export it as a quicktime video, but a gif would be better. How do I get it to show up as an animated gif?

    1. the export dialog is pretty much the same in GIMP 2.8, except for saving GIFs, you use 'export' instead of 'save'. if your image has more than one layer, there will be a 'save as animation' checkbox