26 April 2007

Tips: using brushes with Inkscape

In another follow-up to Máirín's tutorial about Grungy Brushes, I showed an alternate way to create those using Inkscape only. But is kind of weird to create brushes with Inkscape only to use them with GIMP so I wrote a few tricks about using brushes with Inkscape.

inkscape brushes

The article is a bit heavy in images, with a few large screenshots, so I will not post it directly in my blog to waste people's bandwidth, but instead in a static page. Go read it if you are interested.

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  1. good work ...

    your blog is wonderful ...

    i am love inkscape ...

    look my gallary ... in devaintart

    thanks for your lessons ...

    i was found your blog by search for inkscape ... look that

    your blog in first search Results .. wonderful .....

    keep it up ....

    i wait your next lesson .....

  2. thanks for the tips nicu!

    i did no know about the stamping abilty of inkscape. i always just duplicated or copy/pasted a path. haha, i look like a fool now....

    and as always the rest of your tut was super useful.

    thanks for the tip mate!

  3. Thanks mates, I am glad you liked it.

  4. Merci Nicu ... keep up the good work :)
    Cred ca ai singurul blog din lista mea de unde pot invata ceva.

  5. hii nicu,
    it's a nice blog, and helps a lot.
    thanks for the tutorial

  6. hi, I will be reading more of your blog as I've always liked inkscape.

    Now that I have a drawing tablet I am disappointed by the brushes though! Much less configurable for pressure responsiveness than gimp.

    "Brushes in a vector graphics application (like Inkscape) are not as powerful as brushes in a raster graphics application (like GIMP)" - Doesn't seem like it has to be that way! Well I mean, there are some inherent limitations but ...