29 January 2009

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: PC Speaker

Last week I was wondering about cracking yet another joke with Spartans, but I really wasn't sure about it: I had a premise - all the characters growing beards as they think they are Spartans, the development - someone from outside tell they are ugly and should get a razor, but was unsure about the punchline, either some of then don't need razors since being girls their beards are fake or an emo from another distro has a razor but don't want to lend, being busy with it. Weak either way, my mind stopped at "get a razor".

But I was saved from this lameness: last wee-end the planet was taken by storm by PC Speakers, so I knew I have to talk about that, even if a few days after. But I am still haunted by mi indecision: I also have here two alternate endings, one is in the webcomic and the other one was with the laptop owner thinking he is cursed for not having a PC speaker on his laptop and the other guy wondering if that really is a curse or a blessing.

[fedora webcomic: pc speaker

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