02 February 2009

My Ass in Pantone Colors

Please be aware that I have consulted with executives at the company and unfortunately, we do not know of a way in which we can work together. "Open source software" is not a venue in which Pantone, Inc. will permit its intellectual property to be licensed, referenced and/or disseminated.

Enjoy reading more about this. Now I'm busy going to paint my ass in nicely matched Pantone® colors.


  1. Proper link:


  2. Sounds like it's time for the community to bury them^W^Wcome up with a Free and Open standard.

  3. You don't really have what to reverse engineer, the Pantone Matching System is basically a spreadsheet with a combination of color values and names. It may come with a catalogue so you can see how the color look in print.
    And this collection of data is heavily locked under various IP laws (copyright), so you can't say to a print house: "the blue in this drawing made by me is PMS-662" whitout paying to Pantone.

    Do a web search and you will find the needed palette file, but we are not allowed to use/include/ship it legally - and will see, is just a spreadsheet with 4 columns: values for Red, Blue and Green plus a name.

  4. i wonder if pantonemyass.com is taken?

  5. And put on pantonemyass.com a website where people can submit photos of their asses painted in whatever color they want. Then maybe associate codes with each color...