05 February 2009

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: Togas

I should start by acknowledging two sins with this edition, first, I stole the idea from Max, the marketing gang and a neoclassical painter and, second, I am like one week late. But I had to use it somehow and at least abstained myself to take the joke in the direction of "my eyes! too many USB dongles in sight with those togas..." So, how blue are your bed sheets?

[wedora webcomic: togas]


  1. your comic strip is just awesome!!! i don't want to miss any :D

  2. Just FYI, it's "butt-nekkid," not "but nekkid."

  3. Greg, thanks for the correction, it really helps, I do a lot of stupid mistakes like that and the spell checker is not always helpful (like here).

  4. Excelent comic!

    Also the marketing team discussion is realy funny.

    Now we wait for the chocholate!