26 February 2009

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: Fanservice - The Gratuitous Panty Shot

Any long running series has to have from time to time some filler episodes, which obviously will not make their fans happy so the producers use cheap (but effective) tricks to get the audience content and the easiest trick is a good old fanservice, with a gratuitous panty shot (potentially NSFW) being the most popular choice.

The same with me, a couple of weeks ago I was in a good creative mood, had some free time and a [what I think it was] good idea, so I made such a filler episode to have in reserve which proved useful this week when I had a tough week, with low morale and productivity (this happens if you spent the previous week-end with very little sleep due to a marathon of about 90 episodes to get up to date with an anime show), so here is me trying the fanservice trick on my readers (good thing I don't have many fans, otherwise probably I would get a lot of people upset). But at least, I don't use that kind of panty shot...

fedora webcomic: fanservice - gratuitous panty shot

Note 1: I can think about the possibilities to extend the characters, like in an OS-tan, covering a lot of distros. Some ideas could be: a guy with old panties, unchanged and unwashed for about a couple of years, a guy who forgot to use any panty because the feature does not seems that important to him or a guy wearing iron underwear (chastity belt?). Do you have any ideas?

Note 2: After panty shots, the second most known type of fanservice in use is jiggling boobs... Oh, my eyes! Think of the characters of my comic... I must find a way to erase that image from my head...

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