01 March 2009

Openclipart.org: aiming for 10K images

After a couple of relatively highly popular successes (map elements and pac-man, remember?), in the last year I was pretty much inactive at openclipart.org, as what I had on the TODO was boring and frustrating: re-upload images from the old site on the current one, with an awful interface and important core features missing.

But now a couple of things are aligned and the Open Clip Art Library deserves a share of the spotlight:


First, the number of images uploaded at this very moment is 9,323, very close to a round 10,000 (yeah, we still have some thousands not yet imported from the old site, but only those are easily reachable).

Second, the project was launched in March 2004, so this month will mark its 5 years anniversary.

Putting those two next to each other, the conclusion is very tempting: a joined effort to hit the 10,000 images milestone until the end of March 2009. I'm in, how about you?

With the current upload rate, it may take 2 or 3 more months to reach the 10,000 target, so an effort, not a big one, is needed. We can do it, but only with contributor's help. When I will get some time I will upload at least 10-20 images on my own, most likely more.


  1. Horray for this. It's a good idea.

  2. What OCAL really needs is an interface overhaul so you can see thumbnails of the images without having to download them individually. Until that happens, I am sad to say ocal is next to useless for many people.

    I've been using clker.com, which does much of what ocal should do. I don't see why a decent interface is so hard...

  3. Why so hard? because most of the contributors are graphic people, not programmers...

    Back when we switched from what we had before (a huge mess) to CCHost, we expected thumbnails to appear very quickly, but we were not able to add the needed code by ourselves and the upstream is focused on sharing mp3s.

  4. Time to switch again...

  5. Switching isn't going to solve anything other than make more work...come help us!