12 March 2009

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: Brainstorm

My all time favorite stupid brainstorm idea is about a distro "hiring" the Art Team of a competing distro to help with their advertising, but for today's issue I stole another one from Rahul, just as hilarious in its cyclicity: brainstorm idea about making developers to give a shit about brainstorm ideas.

However, I can recognize some merit for such a site: is a good PR tool to give people a soapbox to shout, thinking there is someone to listen. Not sure if it is also an effective tool to filter some noise from the real communication channels.

[fedora webcomic: brainstorm]


  1. your comics are getting funnier

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  3. Can we get it out with FWN, to give readers a dose of good humour or a good dose of humour? It is so formal and serious!!!

  4. @susmit: the editors are aware about my comic, there is also a planet beat on FWN covering the planet happenings...

    also there was an initiative called the Fedora Magazine which used the comic as a source of content but it was active only for a few weeks

  5. men can you teach me to use Fedora? I tried in all the possibles way, and I can't, is to complicated for me, please if you have some adivices for a best use to this. please tell me.