26 March 2009

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: Versus

This week my comic is somewhat special, its final form was reached with input from Adrian and Mo, a rare thing (usually I talk with Adrian before publishing and I give him previews, but in the end go with my own ideas anyway). So now it was like two against one and I caved-in, maybe my initial idea was not that good, I intended to go with a wussier Vader (a ligher blue) and the final punch was supposed to be about Firefly.

And I may provide a prequel at some point, but this is for the moment out of my hands, it will happen if a certain thing will take place at a conference in the Latin America, if someone will provide a report from the event (with relevant photos) and if I will get the inspiration to link that somehow.

[fedora webcomic: versus]

PS: there is a hot debate on the Open Clip Art Library about me potentially breaking the "Intellectual Property" of Lucas Arts by releasing a dark grey version of the "Darth" character under a Free license.


  1. Yay! Star Wars and Fedora, the most awesome things in the universe!

    but... aren't the stormtroopers copyrighted? (Feel the power of the Dark Side of the copyright!)

    I love your comics, and your blog is really cool :D.

  2. Nevermind I didn't read the last part of the post

  3. It happened! :P

  4. @Nushio: YES! but unfortunately without a Princess Leia, as in the original plan...