20 March 2009

Fedora and eLiberatica

eLiberatica - The Benefits of Open and Free Technologies ConferenceeLiberatica is probably the largest FLOSS conference held in Romania and this year it is more open, accessible and affordable, it moved from fancy hotels to the Politehnica University of Bucharest so anyone can attend in 22 and 23 of May.

Also this year, thanks to Joerg and Max, Fedora will be present at the conference, including with a booth, where most likely I and a few other members of the local community will act as booth babes (sorry, this is the best we can offer, at least I promise I won't bring my sword).

But there is an ace in our sleeve: we will have a star speaker, Jeroen van Meeuwen in person, so even if you don't like booth babes with beards, come to see him :p ...do not just wait for the ton of photos I am going to publish after the event...

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for supporting the event Nicu!
    I'm looking forward to meet you at eLiberatica.