06 March 2009

Inkscape + Eee: at last!

One of my main troubles using the Eee was Inkscape not playing nice with the screen size: having the status bar with a lot of useful tools out of the screen is a real pain.
The good news is that the recently landed in Rawhide build from the 0.47 development branch does not have this problem any more.


And for more happiness, the package is now a lot smaller, so it may stand a chance of being included on the media!


  1. The problem hasn't been the size of inkscape itself, but more the size of its dep tree. IIRC, it pulled in the gtkmm stack (which nothing else needs) which was somewhat sizable

  2. lkundrak axed a lot of the dependencies in the new package, don't know how much is that, but it may be something