17 March 2009

Another personal milestone in the OCAL 10K drive

Another personal milestone in the drive to 10K images for the Open Clip Art Library: I almost finished re-uploading my images from the old site to the new one (that was a painful manual effort), setting my contributions at 575 images and the total uploads to 9630 (quite close to the target).

ocal 10K

I said almost since I have some more images that were part of the old site, some playing cards (218 images, uploading them will set he goal to almost complete), which I am not sure if and how I should upload (and have not managed to get a straight answer form anybody).

Well, this is almost all my contribution to the 10K drive (started with 420 images, got to 575), until the end of the month I may upload a handful more files (unless the playing cards will kick in), so is the time to pass the torch, who will carry it?

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