10 March 2009

And the sword shall be named...

For a long time I was thinking about getting myself a sword but this was mostly like a dream, something that I thought it may be cool to do "sometime". Until recently, when pretending I can use it as prop for some interesting photography, I went forward and bought one.

It is an Agincourt replica sword, but it is real, battle-ready, made from good steel and having sharp edges: when planning and making the photos I want the real feeling, not toying with cheap plastic.

My new Hanwei sword

Now to the priorities: the first step (getting the sword) is done, I moved the part about taking the cool photos somewhere in the future (maybe step 3) and introduced a second step, naming the sword - any cool sword has to have a name.

For a long time I thought the name of a cool, magical sword has to include a part about flames, like Burning sword of doom or Flaming sword of retribution but looking at it (I liked it so), silvery, simple and pure, I think something like Vengeful moon ray (long Moon ray of vengeance) would be more appropriate. Ideas? Opinions? I'm open, please help me with your valuable comments.

Ideally the step 2 would be followed by an intermediary 2.1 step, translating the name in Elvish, but I don't think I will have much success with that, a Google search does not reveal good automatic translations from English to Elvish.

PS: the sword is an European medieval model, made by a Taiwanese manufacturer imitating traditional Japanese technology and using Swedish steel, so I pretty much doubt it can release a bankai but I am sure due to my lack of reiatsu will never get a definitive answer about that.


  1. Well, you can borrow a name and call it "Sting" after Bilbo's sword... or the rock star.

    Speaking of rock stars, I'd probably name a sword "Elvis."

    Knowing your proclivities... Swordora (ala Fedora), Halogen (in honor of the blinding flash of light from a camera)...

    Or you could just use the word for penis in some obscure language like Urdu.

  2. Hm... nice combo of Tawian, Japan and Europe XD Cannot think about a good name, perhaps try to come up something elvish right from the start? The English translation never sounds that cool XD

    But some suggestions came to my mind after all, but I'm not sure if it actually hasn't been used previously by another sword or if they're good at all... Flame of Destiny or perhaps Flame of Doom? or Flame of Liberty? Flame of Death? Shining Flame? Flame of Light? Flame of Darkness? I'm getting a little bit carried there XD

  3. As I know Nicu, he will appreciate a dark name for his sword. So here it goes -
    Elrohir AncalĂ­mon - which means Flame of Darkness in elvish.

  4. "Tsukuyomi's Wrath" has a good spin to it (Tsukuyomi is the god of the moon in in japanese mythology).

    "Tilion's Guard" is named after Tolkien's Maiar of the Moon.

    Of course, there's always "Quicksilver". Nice and clean english name.

  5. Tools for violence are never cool. Fucking geeks.

  6. Pacifists are gay. Fucking hippies!

  7. Ha, ha, ha!

    While I am NOT a pro-guns person, I can's stop saying "swords don't kill people, people kill people".

    For everybody: thanks for your suggestions, I will be pondering for a while.

  8. I'm not into swords and yours looks pretty small and harmless to me but if it were bigger and looked more dangerous I'd name it "Hell's Wrath".

  9. How about Ithilach? That's Elvish for moon flame. By the way, it is pronounced much prettier than it looks. My own sword's name is Narthanauth, the battle-beacon.

  10. I have to do a bit of research about pronouncing Ithilach (...yeah, i still have not settled on a name)