30 December 2008

Competition is good. Good for webcomics too.

I am glad Lubomir found and published at last his webcomic, I searched for it too but didn't find the reference, all I was remembering was that the URL should be in a log from a IRC channel during the Brno FUDCon...

Back then I believed he will get serious about it and planned a proper reply, in a webcomic which was supposed to be something like that:

  • first frame: a bearded, pony tailed guy sits on the toilet doing his daily news reading on a laptop;
  • second frame: in shock, he notices another webcomic using the same graphics and start shouting about theft;
  • third frame: and he is suddenly struck by the common sense, that he intended by using a free license and by making available all the building blocks. Everyone is happy.

Too bad I missed the opportunity to make this, it seems like the competition is tough (anyone remember K3rnel?)

Anyway, the guy reading the news on the toiled haunted me a long time and I was tempted to reuse it in relation with another publication in the Fedora universe but I abstained from that too, since there was a big change to get misunderstood and send a wrong, unintended, message.


  1. Hey there, K3RNEL writer here...

    I'm still alive!

    Comic's on a hiatus though until I get my life sorted (which should take about one more week)

    You should expect (or so I hope) new K3RNEL comics starting in about 2 weeks.

    Thanks for remembering us!

  2. So Nushio, I hit the target :D