18 December 2008

Fedora Weekly Webcomic: Future Boot

This is one of those weeks, with too many ideas but only one to implement: over the week-end I was leaning to use at last an old idea for my webcomic, something with a D&D theme but Monday looking and the mail I saw the evolution of the talk about boot speed an I knew it has to be the topic, so during the day I developed it completely into my head. Tuesday another subject hit my ZOMG Stickers!!!!11 was also perfect but a bit to late, I was already committed, so I freed some time and made this issue, with a regret of not using the stickers. Wednesday I got excited of the topic of black T-shirts (it seems like in 2009 our T-shirts will be black at last) but with the comic already drawn, I resisted. Today the megathread is going into new areas, with new possibilities, but I am holding strong to my initial idea.

And don't blame me for incorrect use of quantum mechanics terms, I am not an expert in the field and nobody answered to my (obscure) call for help, but if you don't know what Scroedinger thing is, go and have a quick read at Wikipedia on your route the office where you resign your geek card.

[fedora webcomic: future boot]


  1. dude! this comic stream is getting better with every single post :D thanks for publishing all the cool stuff :)

  2. This is definitely the best comic of yours I've read.

  3. Really liked this one, Nicu. Great writing.

  4. Guys, it really helped this time that I had a good subject to write about.